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Ashanti AI helps your business become more profitable by solving complex inefficiencies with data science and artificial intelligence. We uncover your data’s value and insights and identify innovative opportunities.

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Combine data analytics with innovative technology and give your business the competitive edge it needs.

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To make insightful decisions, we need to get to the root of your problem, analyse how your company collects and saves data, find patterns, and provide the appropriate data to solve your business inefficiencies.

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Our Solutions
To Drive Your Business Forward
Leverage your data to make intelligent and informed decisions. Our artificial intelligence solutions reinvent the way we deliver measurable insights. Explore some of our innovative projects across industries:

Use Machine Learning (ML) models to:

• Optimise marketing communique (voice & text) to obtain better sales, reduce communique releases & improve marketing campaign ROI.

Use Google Cloud platform to:
• Create data pipelines to interpret & process images/receipts taken on an app to produce analytics & interactive dashboards.

Use ML, predictive models & data sources to:

  • Predict which region will have a high Covid-19 concentration using a high-risk index per region, current Covid-19 test results & geolocation data.
  • Project & assist resource management in the case of a Covid-19 resurgence.
  • Predict the risk of a municipality failing.

Use ML, predictive analytics & customer data to:

  • Analyse client behaviour to increase sales.
  • Predict the likelihood of a client changing banks.
  • Forecast cash top-ups in an ATM.
  • Improve collection strategies.
  • Forecast regrettable losses of staff.
  • Determine intelligent underwriting.

Use ML models to:

  • Predict & build a cash flow for various business units.
  • Predict & plan the labour force required to improve productivity.

Use ML models to improve productivity:

  • Determine the number of items, pickers & forklifts required.
  • Predict the demand for customer goods.
  • Predict the time it will take to fulfil a particular order.

Use ML models to:

  • Automate social media scoring. A process to measure follower engagement by scraping top social media platforms & matching a candidate to a profile, enabling social scoring.

Use ML & predictive models to:

  • Predict possible leaks across a network.

Use Natural Language Processing (NLP) to:

  • Assist recruiters in matching candidates (CVs) to the best role & vice versa.

Use ML & predictive models (via API) to:

  • Predict the number of orders via their app, per store, per day and per hour.

Use ML & predictive models to:

  • Predict fertility using patient data, like test results & attributes.
You ask,
we answer

Ashanti AI consults in nearly every area and discipline of data science, from simple statistical methods to sophisticated machine learning algorithms. The areas Ashanti AI specialise in include retail forecasting, retail analytics and AI driven recruitments. You can check out our ProfitOptima website. 

Every situation is unique but the initial steps with most projects are similar. There is an initial discussion to understand your basic needs as a client. You as the client must then provide the required data for the process. The more historical data is available, the better. More historical data will result in more accurate predictions.

Our implementation philosophy is based on the CRISP-DM process. This process provides a structured way to implement data science projects. It has six sequential phases:

  1. Business Understanding: Understanding project objectives and requirements; Data mining problem definition
  2. Data Understanding: Initial data collection and familiarisation; Identify data quality issues; Initial, noticeable results
  3. Data Preparation: Record and attribute selection; Data cleansing
  4. Modelling: Run the data mining tools
  5. Evaluation: Determine if results meet business objectives; Identify business issues that should have been addressed earlier
  6. Deployment: Put the resulting models into practice; Set up for continuous mining of the data

The length of time of any project differs and is dependent on several factors such as the business requirements and challenges, the scope of the project and the budget.

At Ashanti AI we take your data security very seriously. To see the measures we take to secure our client’s data you can view our security policy here.

Our services are bespoke to your business requirements and our intention is to provide you with the most value through these services. We work closely with you to make sure we understand what your requirements are for your business to be successful. The cost will vary widely based on what the project is, but our solutions will provide value to your company, and they will always be a fit for your business requirements. We will work closely with you to ensure that what we charge, the risks and the value all match your objectives.

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