AI-Driven Innovation

We use AI and Data Science to identify opportunities for innovation and analyse inventive approaches to your business problems. Using real-time data, we reshape the way you make decisions.

AI Bespoke Services

Uncover your data’s value and elevate your business with our innovative solutions tailored to your unique requirements, improving operational efficiencies, increasing profits and making better decisions faster.


Our predictive analytics and insights platform enables your business to optimally use data to its maximum advantage, allowing you to make informed, strategic and actionable decisions.

Ashanti AI uses
Artificial Intelligence
to empower your business

Our team of data scientists use an assortment of skills and viewpoints and a toolbox of techniques to drive value your way.  We believe in doing things differently, knowing innovation is never-ending.

Bespoke Innovative
AI Solutions

Bespoke Services

Uncover your data's value and identify innovative opportunities to make insightful decisions and to solve your business inefficiencies.


Solutions built to optimise your supply chain and improve costs and efficiencies.

Solve your business problems with
our aI solutions

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