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We founded Ashanti AI in 2018 to make data science accessible to every business. Serving industries in finance, education, mining and more, we provide data-driven solutions that increase revenue and efficiency.
We are proudly black-owned and black-managed B-BBEE Level 2 company, with data scientists, an actuary, statistician, physicist and mining engineer on our staff. Through our partnerships with Explore Data Science Academy and several data consulting firms, we empower you with cutting-edge data science tools and techniques.
Our name comes from the Ashanti, a Ghanaian tribe that embodies our values. These include the spirit of ‘ubuntu’ and innovation as we share our success with our team members, clients and partners. Rather than replacing people, we use technology to make people more efficient.
Top twelve in Africa at the OCP Mining Challenge

a grindstone 5 company 

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