Product suite

We provide solutions that can assist you with specific pain points

AI predictive maintenance

A tool that combines the power of IoT and predictive analytics to assist asset owners in predicting when a particular machine will fail. This helps reduce unplanned maintenance costs.

AI warehouse labour management

We analyse your business processes to determine when and which labour you need for your warehouse. Through smart allocation of warehouse labour, you can fulfil orders on time and curb unnecessary cost. We also assist you with increasing labour productivity and accurately incentivising labour through gamification.

AI vernacular sentiment analysis

Ever wondered what people are saying about your company? We use AI to find out what the general sentiment about your company is on social media, whether positive or negative. By analysing vernacular sentiment in English, Afrikaans, Sotho, Zulu and Swahili, we can zone in on specific demographics to determine how you can better serve your diverse customer base.
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